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A true story - it happened to me

By Raymond L. Adams, CFP®, CLU, ChFC


A few years ago, my wife and I were visiting my sister in California; an unfortunate circumstance occurred such that I needed to rush my wife to the nearest hospital. At the time, I did not carry her health directives, nor mine with me.  Upon our arrival at the hospital, not having all the needed information readily available caused some unfavorable commotion.  I vowed to myself that such an unprepared event would never occur again. We each now have DocuBank wallet cards in our possession at all times.


By law, no doctor nor hospital will release any information, to anyone, without having a signed HIPAA release form, or similar authorization, from the patient.  In an emergency, the patient may not be able to sign such release forms.  


Because most people do not carry their own health care directives, or those of  their loved ones, with them, I feel strongly that you ought to be aware of the DocuBank Service (, which provides you with a personalized wallet card listing your allergies, conditions, emergency contact person(s), and an 800 number, or online access, for any other  personal health information and/or any needed documents (HIPAA, Durable Power of Attorney for health care, living will, etc.)— 24-hour access to your vital healthcare information, within minutes.


Now, because I feel this is so very important for all of my clients, friends, and family, I have negotiated with DocuBank to extend to you a substantial (40%) savings to enroll in this service: $99, for 5 years.   To get this reduced rate, in section "E", type in my name: Raymond L. Adams, CFP, and my phone number (425) 827-9225.   This does NOT give me access to any of your information, it just gives you the substantial discount, which you will immediately receive upon enrolling, should you choose to do so.  Maintaining your privacy, I, also, will never know whether you enrolled, or not.  


Go to their website,, to view a short informative video. I have no affiliation, nor financial interest, with DocuBank; however, so you never have an incident like I experienced, I wanted, at least, to make you aware of this service.

This concept ties in well with what I've done for the last 35+ years, which is After-Retirement planning. 


Please let me extend to you an invitation for a comprehensive estate and financial, “check-up” consultation, and/or retirement-income review —complimentary, no strings attached. Click here to review the article and learn more.

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